Friday, January 8, 2010

What color hair highlights look good on olive skin girls with black hair and brown eyes?

a nice red highlight would look great!!!|||My sister-in-law has black hair and she just got some light copper highlights. But not a lot of them. It looks good.|||with that natural colouring, you can%26#039;t go wrong with red, copper, or caramel coloured highlights|||red or purple|||my friend and i have black hair and olive skin tone and she went and had blonde highlights put in her hair, it took a day to get used to but it looks soo great! i would say blonde definitely :)|||i have olive skin tone and i got highlight with red tone it looked great on me|||either red or a light kind of caramel colour would look nice|||I would go with a red or a brown|||red would look good or even a lighter brown|||A strong blue base with a golden reach|||try some blond highlights not too brights and remember peroxide can damage your hair so go to a professional|||Caramel Highlights look good.. but not much...highlights are kinda out of style..the original look is much more appealing.|||Most people suggest to someone with your coloring to go with reddish tones. Even the pros will tend to do that. But in my own experience, that is SO WRONG for black hair/olive skin. What might look good might surprise you. Dark ASH blonde highlights can look stunning with your coloring. Do make sure to lighten the base to a med-light brown also. Make sure you find a really good colorist. And don%26#039;t overhighlight! Less is more.|||red, copper, caramel. nothing too light or shallow. You need rich warm tones

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